Pediatrics Hospital in Satara


  • USG & Dedicated Portable Color Doppler
  • Ambulance with all necessary equipment for transporting sick children (Transport Ventilator)
  • BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) and BM 
  • Plasmapheresis and hemodialysis
  • Portable EEG, portable CT scan

Pediatrics Hospital in Satara | Mangalmurti Hospital

Mangalmurti Hospital is a leading Pediatrics Hospital in Satara.
The Department of Pediatrics is staffed by a highly qualified and experienced number of doctors. We provide services for outpatients, inpatients, and intensive care patients. We’ve trained intensivists and nurses in their various sub-specialties to provide a good outcome that matches the best-in-class statistics.
Shree Mangalmurti Hospital’s Pediatrics department is an integrated healthcare division that aims to provide a loving and compassionate environment for your kid, with a wide range of inpatient pediatric facilities and specialist critical care. A team approach is used in the super-specialty division.
Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with people from infancy through the end of adolescence. Because many medications are digested differently in these two categories, juvenile patients require different care than adults. Pediatric patients’ growth and development are also more crucial than adults’.

Pediatric surgeons deal with the diagnostic, preoperative, operational, and postoperative management of surgical disorders in children, and they work with children from birth through adolescence.

Pediatric surgeons have dedicated their studies and expertise to doing surgery in collaboration with pediatricians and other physicians, whereas pediatricians treat children in offices for wellness checkups and in the event of emergencies or illness.

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who is in charge of children’s physical, behavioral, and mental health from birth to eighteen years of age. A pediatrician is trained to recognize and treat a wide range of conditions in children, ranging from minor illnesses to life-threatening illnesses.

Most pediatric surgeons can treat children right from newborn babies up to 15-18 years of age.